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"this is the coolest kids' CD that I have ever heard"
-Growing a Baby in Seattle (full review)
"These songs are all amazing."
-Christopher Healy, AOL Parentdish (full review)
"Sing A Little Song is fun, effectively translating preschool circle-time topics into full-fledged pop-rock for the home or car or, hey, maybe even preschool dance time. Recommended."
-Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble (full review)
"This has been a really solid year for children’s music, and Sing a Little Song is one of my favorite 2010 releases so far."
-Jeff Giles, Dadnabbit (full review)
"None of these songs preach or talk down to kids and they’re delivered in an engaging and accessible style with plenty of hooks that’ll get even the most resistant older sibs and ‘rents to dance and sing along."
-Dot Rust, Oregon Music News (full review)
"One of the coolest things about modern kidtunes is that CDs are not restricted to one style of music. Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies provide proof of this on their collection Sing a Little Song."
-Miss Bob Etier, blogcritics (full review)
"Vogan doesn’t sing with a “kiddie” vocal sound in the slightest, and the musicianship and overall production are extremely tight...There’s a refreshing quality to his tunes that keeps kids coming back again and again."
-Myles McDonnell (former Cookie Magazine editor), You Know, for Kids blog (full review)
"Sing a Little Song is a wonderful collection of all-ages tunes"
-Jeff Bogle, OWTK (full review)
"Little Songs is an amazing effort that elevates children's music through the use of smart songwriting, excellent production, and genuine substance.", GeekDad Blog (full review)
"Brian Vogan ventures into the kids' music world with great results. His first album for children is full of tunes fit for classic shows like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood or Sesame Street, but grownups will definitely sneak a listen, as well." Best Children's Music of 2008 (full list)
"with this flat-out fantastic debut, Vogan should not be surprised if he soon finds himself a kindie-rock superstar."
-Cookie Magazine (full review)
"When we look for kids music, we reach for goals that only rare music can meet: we want catchy tunes, we dream of true family appeal, we'd like some dance-ability, and we look for something little ones can learn from and grow with. We've got lofty goals. And they've all been met with one new CD: local musician Brian Vogan's debut effort, Little Songs."
-Red Tricycle (full review)
"Get familiar with the name Brian Vogan folks, cause this dude's gonna hit big time! On one of the best kids' music debuts I've heard in a while, Seattleite Vogan and band present family-friendly folk and rock tunes about the seasons, Valentine's Day, the ABC's, and pumpkins."
-Warren Truitt of Kids Music That review)
"Little Songs offers a good mix for a wide range of young grandchildren with different vocabulary levels, and like any good educator does, Vogan makes learning new things a ton of fun."
-Mike Ayers, (full review)
"smart, funny, well-produced and charming" (full review)
"Little Songs" marks a stunning entrance into the kids music world"
-Out With The (full review)
"It's a neat compilation of mellow, original, indie-rock-inspired tunes about the things kids care about, but, like all the cool kids' music we review, done in a style that appeals to both little ones and their parents."
-Marin Mommies (full review)
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"Born to Wiggle", "Sing a Little Song", and "Little Songs" are now available! Pick up your copies today!

News and Updates

  • Born to Wiggle, the new release from Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies, is now available!
  • Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies' Sing a Little Song, is out now!
  • "Little Songs" was just rated one of the Best Kids' CDs of the DECADE by's blog, GeekDad!!! (complete list)
  • Brian was just interviewed in Victory Review Magazine! (complete article)
  • rates "Little Songs" as one of the top ten children's albums of 2008! (complete list)
  • Cookie Magazine rates "Little Songs" as one of the top ten children's albums of 2008! (complete list)
  • Brian was just interviewed in Small Magazine! (complete interview)
  • We're excited to announce that Brian was awarded a Children's Music Web Award for Best New Artist for Preschoolers ages 0-5! (complete award list)
  • Brian was interviewed on NPR by Sound Focus host, Jeannie Yandel! (complete interview)

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